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Note: For privacy reasons we cannot display the names of our long standing fans.
Though you charge for your services, they are actually priceless. My marriage got saved with your advise. You are doing good Karma.
I was in a mid career crisis. Your predictions helped me plan my moves for career planning. I am now settled in my new career and doing well. Thank you so much.
Thank you so much for your services which have helped my son choose his line for education, we are happy in the line you suggested.
I followed his advise and due to that I got a sweet daughter as he had predicted.
My children got married in the time period he had predicted.
He cleared all my concerns about my live life.
Very humble, simple, honest, sincere and approachable despite being such an accurate astrologer.
I have read his blogs on rikhavkhimasia@gmail.WordPress and found all the 200 articles to be so accurate, exhibiting his knowledge and wisdom and command over astrology, that it is spell bounding.
I have made a lot of through his predictions.
He neither his website needed any any authenticity statements from any astrologer as to carrying over his legacy. Astrologyis not the legacy of any astrologer but of ancient wisdom and seers.


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